The popularity of using LMS Applications in the Indian Education Market

The popularity of using LMS Applications in the Indian Education Market

The Concept of LMS

LMS or the Learning Management System Has been gaining increasing popularity in the Indian market considering the ease of use of this software. Most education institutes across the country are leaning towards purchasing this technology so that better management, planning and assessment can be carried out for the students enrolled with their institutes.

At present, in the Indian education sector the learning management system market has been estimated to progress with a CAGR  of close to 20.58% which is significantly huge considering the fact that the technology was introduced mere years ago.

It was only during the pandemic that the concept of online education gained popularity in the Indian market, which made it imperative for education institutes to invest in a number of applications that could provide support in managing the demand of the students.

The immediate need was seen for LMS technology considering the advantages it could provide. At the same time other applications including the sts online student tracking system, fee management system, attendance management system, and others also gained importance.

Role of the Government and impact on Growth Statistics

The Indian government today is working towards developing a modern structure of education for its students so that they can be provided with the best that the country can offer and move the economy forward. 

The support from the government had a positive impact on the e-Learning market of India which immediately achieved growth at the rate of 20% CAGR, and the market for technology also gained precedence. As outlined by the 2020 report of Capterra, close to 64% of k-12 schools and 36% of colleges providing higher education and Universities have started making use of LMS Technology. The immediate impact was the driving up of the market with more and more entrepreneurs coming together to develop the technology and provide cheaper alternatives.

One of the benefits that are now being reaped  by the developers of LMS Technology is that the market is not yet saturated and as a result there are only a few good options present. It is because of this reason that there is a lot of growth potential present for new developers to enter into the market and use this technology.

At the same time, the presence of free market operations also contributes towards helping improve the popularity of entering this market so that more modern versions of this technology can be introduced.

The Benefits of using LMS

The use of the learning management system is not without its own set of benefits when considering the Indian education sector. It is important to note that, there is a significantly high demand for good education courses and education support from students across different sectors.

Each sector has their own set of preferences and features that needs to be efficiently handled so that the maximum support and satisfaction can be provided to them. It is because of this reason that the LMS needs to be properly developed so that it can manage the different demands of students at the same time.

Similarly, it is also important for LMS technology to have the ability to adapt with other associated software. This includes the attendance management system and sts student tracking system, to outline as examples. This will help increase the overall efficiency of the education institutes when it comes to the management of the requirements of teachers and students.

The major benefits that are associated with the use of this software has been outlined as:

  • One of the many benefits associated with this technology is that of rapid scalability, when it comes to delivering training online to the students via LMS.
  • It helps provide support to the students in the form of providing the materials  that are both within the syllabus as well as extra reference books to increase their interest in the subject.
  • It makes learning easily engaging and supports the students in clearing their doubts.
  • It keeps track of the progress made by the students in the classroom thereby helping the teachers understand the areas where the students are facing problems.
  • It helps in managing the multiple assignments provided to the students and ensuring that they are submitted on time.

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