Evergreen content in SEO: definition and advice

Evergreen content in SEO

Evergreen content is a great way to grow your web traffic through SEO web copywriting on your website. In your SEO content strategy, use as much Evergreen content as possible. Explanations.

What is Evergreen SEO content in web writing?

SEO experts will talk about Evergreen Content. Behind this term a bit barbaric hides in fact a technique widely used in web writing to ensure regular traffic on a website. Concretely, writing Evergreen SEO content consists of positioning yourself on a theme that will ALWAYS be sought by the Internet user.

Let’s take an example: that of Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day is a one-time event that only occurs once a year, in February. Write SEO content about it, and you will most certainly have a spike in traffic to your website for a few days, until Valentine’s Day. In itself, this is a good thing and it is always good to take. But to optimize the return on investment of your web writing, wouldn’t it be better to tackle a theme that will always be relevant?

In fact, instead of preparing SEO content on Valentine’s Day, an SEO expert can be proactive by directing you to web writing whose main subject would be “Love”, and not “Valentine’s Day”. As you will see in the graph below from Google Trends, the theme “Love” is much more appropriate for writing evergreen SEO content in terms of the regularity of searches over time.

Which means that instead of investing in web writing for temporary web traffic generation , you are investing in the prospect of generating qualified traffic on a more regular basis. Your investment in natural referencing will therefore be much more profitable if you start with “Evergreen” web writing. To maximize your chances of success, you can get advice from a web editor or an SEO agency like SEO BRISK .

Should you only do Evergreen SEO content?

It all depends on the volume of web traffic you generate, the progress of your natural referencing strategy and your strategic choices in terms of “content marketing”, or content marketing. If you are starting from scratch, positioning yourself on Evergreen SEO content guarantees you a better return on investment, better long-term visibility and will allow you to lay a much more solid foundation in terms of natural referencing . It is therefore seriously recommended to first look for themes that allow you to make Evergreen content because your return on investment will be much better.

If your website already displays excellent positions on Google and you dominate your competitors on a very large number of subjects, then it may become interesting to try to drive the point home with web writing on more targeted subjects.

7 Examples of Evergreen Content as Part of Your Content Marketing Strategy

In your content strategy, try to adapt to formats that will produce good Evergreen content. Here are, for example, 8 types of SEO content that will be adapted to the creation of Evergreen content:

1. Glossaries providing lists of definitions

There will always be Internet users looking for simple definitions of technical terms in your business.

For example: it is better to write an SEO content on the definition of dwell time on social networks rather than an article on “should you post on social networks during the Ascension weekend? »

2. Historical articles

The history of a company, the history of the birth of a technology or its evolution are all subjects that generate regular research.

For example: “the history of Google” is a very general subject which generates a high volume of searches throughout the year.

3. Practical guides

Helping your Internet users understand how to use a product, how to become familiar with a service or technology will allow you to regularly reach new visitors and generate qualified web traffic.

For example: how to add your first contacts on LinkedIn? How to create a Facebook page? How to install Google Analytics? These are all simple and general topics. It will of course be necessary to consider themes related to your profession.

4. Case studies

Show your Internet users how you can help them, what are the results of the projects you are carrying out. For example, you can check out our case study on our results after posting daily on LinkedIn for a month .

5. Very general questions

Certain topics are the subject of questions throughout the year, these are excellent entry points to generate qualified traffic on your site thanks to targeted Evergreen SEO content.

For example: “Why insulate your house? », « What is the best format of a photo on Instagram? “  What is the best social network?  », « Which musical instrument to choose? ” etc. are all Evergreen content that may be relevant in your SEO strategy.

6. Checklists

List all the steps to be taken to succeed in a project, choose the right service provider, etc. Internet users are fond of easy-to-read SEO content writing service with a few key points that they can easily skim.

Example: it is better to position your SEO content on “10 tips for being well dressed in all circumstances” rather than “10 fashion tips for the summer”. The first content will work all year round and therefore will be great Evergreen SEO content. The second content will only work in the summer.

7. Comparisons

Be it products, services, materials, there is an opportunity here to produce a lot of quality Evergreen SEO content.

Let’s take an example with cycling: “Comparison: what are the differences between a road bike and a triathlon bike? is great Evergreen SEO content. On the contrary “What are the best mountain bike tires for riding in the mud in winter? is SEO content suitable for a single season.

Conclusion: bet on Evergreen SEO content

To maximize the performance of content for SEO, the best option is to choose SEO content that is likely to generate traffic continuously. As such, Evergreen SEO content is the best option for success and maximizing your return on investment. If you don’t know where to start or if you don’t master all the rules of SEO writing, you can call on an agency like SEO BRISK to advise you on your SEO strategy.

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